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Edu Birdie works slightly differently to alternative writing services. Have a look at our review to see if it will work for you.

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The Services Offered

Aimed at UK students, Edu Birdie provides custom essays for anyone studying in Britain. They offer a wide range of essay types across most subjects. review

The service works differently to other services – instead of appointing your order to the writer with the correct skills for your paper by their internal specialists, you are shown a list of writers and it’s left to you to choose which writer you want to work with.

You can’t do this without a login so you have to sign up before you even know if you want to order anything.

You must then trawl through the writers and depend on yourself choosing the right one.

Basically, the site is more of a freelancer platform that a bespoke writing service.

The Pricing

With prices starting at just over £14 per page, this service is far from the cheapest service available. Considering you are responsible for selecting the correct writer, you would expect lower prices and better discount codes or coupon than what are on offer.

how works

The one saving grace this method of working has is that you don’t pay until your satisfied with your paper, so if it’s not good, you don’t have to chase for a refund, but you will be left short on time to arrange an alternative service.

The Quality of the Work

There are no samples to check out so you’re pretty much going in blind and hoping for the best. This doesn’t necessarily mean is a scam, but it does beg the question is Edu Birdie legit.

The quality of your essay is dependent on you choosing the correct writer for your project – if you are confident doing this, then hire a freelance writer who will be cheaper and more professional than using this site.

The website is very amateur looking and the logo is basically the Twitter logo with glasses and a hat.

The Support You Will Receive

Reviews on the site mention that the support level is good, but this seems to come primarily from your writer, so again, it’s imperative that you are confident that you can choose the best writer for your project.

Freelance platform where you have to pick writers by yourself, no samples available
  • 5.2/10
    Rating - 5.2/10


You will definitely find better writing services in the United Kingdom where you are automatically matched with the best writer for your needs.

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    This is something different for sure, but I honestly do not understand why do I have to look for the writer by myself? The price is definitely in line with usual writing services, even though you are doing the half job and still taking the risk that your writer will be a trash one. I also think that freelance platform website takes much less responsibility since they are just providing a space for students and writers to find each other. Questionable way to ease your academic life.


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      im a fan of more classic writing services too!


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    There was a slight mix up with the writer I was given, as they didn’t understand what I wanted at first, so they assigned another writer for another cost (!!!!) because “his qualification costs more”. The second writer was a total waste just as the first one and here I am with a rubbish paper that was not worth the money spent. DISAPPOINTED


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